Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions with answers!

If you come up with anymore please feel free to contact us.


How do you ensure my satisfaction? What are your backup plans in the event you’re late or called away by an emergency?  What happens if there’s an equipment failure, or some other unforeseen issue?   Can I get all of the points we’ve covered in a written contractual agreement?

Each shoot for us is entirely different, based upon our clients personalities.  In general, our clients choose us based upon our image style.  Our organization, photographic skills, professionalism, positive attitudes and communication is key in achieving customer satisfaction.  We set up a final meeting with all of our clients to go over specific details of the wedding day, to create an individual time-line and to go over the  requested shotlist.  We do everything within our power to provide our clients with exactly what they want.

Our contract is more in depth than most photographers and has been reviewed and edited by a law professional.  In case of an emergency that would prevent both photographers from being able to shoot your wedding, we would do our best to find a professional replacement photographer for your event.  As is stated in our contract, we use professional equipment and ALWAYS carry backup equipment (both cameras and lenses).  It is very unlikely that both our primary and secondary equipment should experience failure.


Will I be working with you or someone else on your staff? Do you work with an assistant? What is the process for reviewing, selecting and editing the final images for the album, enlargements and print sets?

When hired for weddings...unless there are special circumstances you will be working with one of us, Greg or Shawna.  Under rare circumstances you may be working with both of us or with one of us and an assistant.  We have a small network of professional photographers that we can bring in for your event.  Our two favorites are none other than, Stephanie Kano and Monika Orban.  They are both industry professionals and world travelers based in Southern California.  We love the opportunity to work with them as our styles and approaches to photography compliment each other exceptionally well!  And yes we have samples of weddings we have shot with each of them.


In what format do you deliver the proofs? What is included in the price? What additional options or products are available and how much extra for those items?

We have an extensive list of available products and options and would love to sit down and show you.  All of your photo proofs are available online in your own private gallery.  We are happy to provide printed proofs,for an additional fee.  However, we do offer all of your digital proofs  on disc for you to keep.  These are a perfect way to share your photos with your friends and family through email and/or Facebook!


Do you use professional-quality cameras capable of capturing great images in all lighting conditions, or do you use consumer-level cameras? Do you have backup equipment if something happens to your camera or lights? Can I have black-and-white photographs or can you add special effects if I want to? Do you bring additional lighting equipment if it is needed?

Yes, we use professional equipment.  This standard applies to all our tools from computers to cameras to lenses and imaging software.  Don't fear...we always carry backup equipment to ensure that we can finish any job we start.  We pride ourselves as professionals in the industry...we never want to limit what we can produce for our clients.


How long have you been photographing weddings? How long have you been in business? Can you provide references? Can I view some of your albums? How do you manage distracted or uncooperative subjects or guests?

Indivdually, we both have over 10 years of professional photography experience.  This includes portrait photography, fine art and commercial photography.  We have worked together photographing portraits and weddings since 2003.  We want you to see our work and are eager to show you exactly what we can do.  We are very proud of the memories we have captured for families over the years and we know the importance of your day.  Once you are booked with us we take the time to set up shot list with you.  We create a custom time-line with every client to ensure that we have ample time to capture all of the images on the client's shot-list.  We are happy to capture any additional images that you want on your day.  We do ask you to designate someone who is familiar with your families to help organize and gather people for the formal images.  This helps the process move smoothly and quickly, and ultimately allows you more time with your friends, family and guests.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to discuss with any professional you hire for your wedding...

Image Preservation

What steps do you take to protect my wedding photographs and how long do you archive them? Can I come back in 5 or 10 years and get more photographs or replace my album if something happens to it?

We indefintely store all photographs that we take.  They are kept duplicated on our own personal server.  We also archive all our digital files to DVD...which are also duplicated and stored both on site and off.  Yes, you can come back to us anytime to get more photos.  Books can be replaced and/or recreated too!


Do you print the photos yourself or do you use a professional lab or a consumer hobbyist photofinisher like one of the big box stores? Are the images guaranteed against fading for my lifetime or beyond?

All of our images, books and various products are printed/assembled by professional labs to professional standards.  We work with some of the top vendors in the industry, both in and outside of the United States.  Everything is created to last for generations under proper care.


Do you have samples of your work I can see? Do you have a completed product exactly like we will receive that shows us one wedding from start to finish? Is this sample from the actual photographer who will be at my wedding or someone else on your staff?

Yes, we have a variety of samples that highlight different book styles and materials.  We take pride in the complete wedding story...photographing from start to finish and everything in between!  All our products are of the highest professional quality.  All our samples are our own work.  Not only do we shoot the photos, but we also personally design your finished products unless unforseen circumstances arise.


What is your artistic style? Do you shoot traditional poses, or have a more photojournalistic approach, or is it mixed? Do you like to shoot in the studio or at different locations, as well as on the wedding day? Can I see examples of an entire wedding day shoot to see how you might tell a wedding day “story”?

We use a mix of traditional and artistic style.  Most importantly, we can capture your day in the desired style of your choice.  Most wedding incorporate a mix of traditional posed images, along with less formal, photojpournalistic, fun and romantic images.  Our formal shots are based off of a shot-list created by the clients.  The clients also provide a general idea of what style they are looking for in their images.  We would consider ourselves more artistic in nature and choose to approach your day more photojournalistic as we want your day to unfold that way you envision.  We specialize in telling your "story!"  We love to photograph your day from beginning to end.  We pay close attention to detail and make sure the little details that you put so much time into are captured.  We have many samples of weddings from beginning to end and would love to show you!  We love our surroundings and would consider ourselves location specialists.  Although, we have the ability to shoot in the studio, we also have the ability to bring the studio to your wedding location.  Let us know what your needs are.


What is the maximum amount of time I will wait to see proofs? Once I’ve selected my pictures, how long will it take for final delivery of all printed products?

We aim to have all our client's proofs up as soon as possible, but depending on work load it could take up to 8-10 weeks for the full set of proof's to be available online, but most often they are available within 6 weeks.  Once your prints are selected it could take 1-2 weeks to get final prints returned to us from our lab.  Remember images that are printed are in a finished form.  This consists of color correction, blemish removal, any other touch up or finishing work or possibly effects applied to the image.  Custom designed books take more time.  Each book is designed personally by us.  Based on book size and style, and order priority, production times will vary.  Once the books get to our printer, it can take them between 4 and 10 weeks to print and fully hand assemble your finished book.  We feel that our products are well worh the wait, and if you would like a personal client reference to this fact, please ask us.